The Beginning From Now

Hello World! Oh boy, where to begin with this sort of thing? How do first posts work? Let's start with why I am writing a blog.

My name is Jordan Lund and I hope to share three things I've learnt over the last 4 years:

  1. Programming is a lot of fun.
  2. Being a Mozillian is wonderful.
  3. Being a Mozilla Release Engineer is even better.

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It started with Australia. Leaving my Canuck homeland, I packed a backpack for The Outback. There, I then met an Irish girl and followed her back to Dublin. After exhausting my visa in Ireland, I was faced with two options if I wanted to extend my emerald welcome: get married or go to back to school. I chose College.

It was there that I met a new love. I was captivated by all her bits and to many of eye rolls from my girlfriend, I would concentrate large parts of my days to this new passion. I speak of the mysteries of computers. The machines that compute the accumulation of our ideas and visions.

Four years later I was able to trick Mozilla into giving me continuous happiness through what the outside world would call a job.

In future posts I would like to dive into how incredible it is to first, intern as a Release Engineer at Mozilla, and then why ending there full time is like winning the lottery. But here's a snippet: from the challenging work that conducted at such scale to the people that make it happen, Releng at Mozilla rocks my world everyday. The other perks pale in comparison. Which is hard to say since Mozilla does an amazing job at treating everyone like royalty. But it's true because while trendy apartments, new laptops, flights and trips paid for, $1000 dollar chairs, desks that change into standing desks with a push of a button, indoor campfire patios, iPad controlled rooms, gourmet food, and a office keg are all really jaw dropping for a poor college student (let's not even get into the salary), Release Engineering at Mozilla gave me passion and purpose.

Before I explain what we do at Mozilla as Releng or how we do it, I need to talk about what I have been up to these past few months. I'll start with that on my next post.