I'm a Mozilla Release Engineer. Which means I am a strong advocate for remote teams. Our team is very distributed and I believe we are successful at it too.

Funnily enough, I think a big part of the distributed model includes getting remote people physically together once in a while. When you do, you create a special energy. Unfortunately that energy can sometimes be wasted.

Have you ever had a work week that goes something like the following:

You stumble your way to the office in a strange environment on day one. You arrive, find some familiar faces, hug, and

What's changed?

continuous-integration and release jobs that use Mozharness will now get Mozharness from the Gecko repo that the job is running against.


Whether the job is a build (requires a full gecko checkout) or a test (only requires a Firefox/Fennec/Thunderbird/B2G binary), automation will first grab a copy of Mozharness from the gecko tree, even before checking out the rest of the tree. Effectively minimizing changes to our current infra.

This is thanks to a new relengapi endpoint, Archiver, and hg.mozilla.org's sub directory archiving abilities. Essentially Archiver will get a tar ball of Mozharness

Since its beginnings, Mozharness has been living in its own world (repo). That's about to change. Next quarter we are going to be moving it in-tree.

what's Mozharness?

it's a configuration driven script harness

why in tree?

  1. First and foremost: transparency.
    • There is an overarching goal to provide developers the keys to manage and stand up their own builds & tests (AKA self-serve). Having the automation step logic side by side to the compile and test step logic provides developers transparency and a sense of determinism. Which leads to reason number 2.
  2. deterministic builds & tests
    • This is somewhat already

Major highlights:

  • kmoir ended our official tegra support. All code referencing them has been deleted in bug 1016453
  • kmoir is preparing material teaching a releng class next week http://polymorse.polymtl.ca/plow/
  • bhearsum added signing support for firefox 64bit windows builds in bug 711210

Completed work (resolution is 'FIXED'):